Sandy NachtlichtSandy Nachtlicht

Night mode – Safe through the night

No more monsters under the bed! Discover the many functions in night mode now.


Sandy's Night Light

A small star is hidden on Sandy's head, directly under his cap. Using the app or the touchscreen, you can conjure up a variety of subtle colours that then shine through Sandy's cap.

Nachtlicht via App steuernNachtlicht via App steuern

over 16 million
colour variants

Timer function

Night light star

Lullabies & Sounds

Sandy's built-in media player lets you choose from a variety of soothing sounds or noises, or even lullabies to lull your baby to sleep. Through the app you can

  • choose your baby's favourite music
  • switch the media player on and off
  • set the duration and adjust the volume
Einschlaufmusik in der AppEinschlaufmusik in der App


Thanks to the infrared camera, which you can switch on and off at will, you can see how your darling is doing at any time and from anywhere, even when the nursery is completely dark.

Sandys Home Screen

Sandy app

Bedtime Deluxe. Whether it's the camera, music or night light - you can activate your favourite functions with just one click.


Communicate via Sandy (2-way communication)

The baby monitor has an integrated intercom with top sound quality. This way your baby always knows that you are there. And you? You can sing to your baby or tell a story even from a distance.

Eltern kommunizieren mit KindEltern kommunizieren mit Kind
Blaues KinderzimmerBlaues Kinderzimmer

Sandy's first family

Discover more functions

Sandy can do much more. Find more detailed information about Sandy's "skills" here.

Babyphone App


Belly Button

Belly Buttons

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